Sponsorship Information

2014 Competition car getting the final touches

2015 Competition car getting the finishing touches

Why Sponsor us?

Building a competitive race car can be a very expensive endeavor. The Texas A&M Racing team relies completely on sponsor support to pay for the manufacturing of the car, and the more sponsorship our team receives, the more competitive we can be. By sponsoring the team, you are investing in the future of some of the brightest and hardest working engineers around. Any size of donation helps the team, and also provides valuable advertising for your place of business. 

Sponsor Advantage?

Texas A&M Racing defines 4 sponsorship levels:

Sponsorship Levels

All donations are tax deductible!

Your support will be displayed in the form of the company's logo on  the Car, Website, and Team T-Shirt. 

Silver through Platinum sponsor levels will earn representative(s) of your organization the ability to test drive the 2017 FSAE car.*


*Driver must be 18 years of age or older and must hold state issued driver's license.

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