The 2015 competition car lined up with various other universities. (left to right: University of South Florida, Concordia University, Texas A&M University, Kentucky University, Oregon Tech, Kentucky University)

Formula SAE


Formula SAE ® (FSAE) is an international student design competition organized by SAE international.  Since the inaugural event held in 1979, FSAE events are held around the world through

  • FSAE International
  • FSAE Australasia
  • FSAE Brazil
  • FSAE Italy
  • Formula Student (UK)
  • Formula Student Austria
  • Formula Student Germany
  • FSAE Japan

Since 2006, a separate event, Formula Hybrid, using FSAE cars with a gasoline-electric hybrid power plant has been conducted.

The Challenge

The idea behind the event involves the contracting of the Student design team by a fictitious manufacturing company to develop small Formula -style single-seater race cars.

The development of the prototype race car involves its evaluation as a potential production item. Every student team is charged with designing, building, testing and competing with the prototype across a series of static and dynamic events to determine the best car. It is imperative that the team adhere to prescribed rules and regulations that promote innovation while maintaining safety.

The Competition

There are a total of 8 static and dynamic events that are allotted a weight in points. The performance of a team is tracked by the points scored in each of the individual events. The overall competition standings are determined by the aggregate of the points scored across all 8 events.

Static Events

No. Event Points Objective
1 Technical Inspection No Points To determine if vehicle satisfies FSAE regulations
2 Cost and Manufacturing 100 points
  1. To understand the importance of Design for Manufacture and Assembly of 1000 units
  2. To learn the impact of cost based and performance based trade-off decisions on Engineering Design
3 Presentation 75 Points To evaluate the ability of team to deliver a comprehensive business plan to convince the executives of a corporation that the design best satisfies the requirements set forth, and can be profitably manufaactured and marketed
4 Design 150 points To evaluate the engineering design concepts and efforts involved in designing, building and testing the car
Total 325 Points

Dynamic Events

No. Event Points Objective
1 Acceleration 100 Points To evaluate car's straight line acceleration over a flat stretch
2 Skidpad 75 points To evaluate car's ability to consistently execute constant-radius corners on a flat surface layed out in a figure-of-eight pattern
3 Autocross 125 Points To evaluate the car's manuverability and handling on a tight course without other competing car
4 Endurance 275 points To evaluate the overall performance of the car as well as its durability and reliability
5 Efficiency 100 points To evaluate the efficiency of the car during the Endurance event
Total 675 Points

Maximum Total Points Available : 1000 Points

Location : Thompson Hall

The team's shop is located within Thompson Hall on the Texas A&M University campus in College Station. The workshop is a hub of activity throughout the entire project and becomes especially busy once the team begins to put the car together every Spring semester

Drop by the shop, and the ever hospitable Aggies will be happy to give you a tour and answer your questions.

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